What is the sensitivity of the test?

In case of High Risk sensitivity is 98.0%
In case of Average Risk sensitivity is 100%

What is the specificity of the test?

In case of High Risk specificity is 99.5%
In case of Average Risk specificity is 100%

What is the false positive rate?

A false positive rate is the percentage of results that come back as positive for conditions not present.

What is the false positive rate for trisomy 21?


What is the positive predictive value (PPV) of this prenatal test?

91% for T21

Can this test be done for twin pregnancies?

This test is not yet commercially available for use in twin pregnancies.

Can this test be done along with IVF pregnancies?

Yes, as long as there is no donor egg and no surrogacy.

Can the test be done for egg donor/surrogate pregnancies?


How is the test result released and how do you interpret the results?

The MedGenome NIPT report provides a personalized risk assessment score which shows whether the fetus is at a low-risk or a high-risk of having the genetic disorder screened for.

Does the test assess risk for conditions other than the trisomies 13, 18 and 21?

MedGenome NIPT also tests for Monosomy X, Sex chromosome Trisomies, Triploidy and Microdeletions.

Are you PCP NDT certified?


How early can the test be performed?

As early as 9 weeks into the pregnancy.

How is it different from conventional trisomy screening tests?

MedGenome NIPTis a non-invasive test whichhas a much higher sensitivity (over 98%) than traditional screening test (60-70%).

Why are invasive tests like CVS and amniocentesis needed, after NIPT is performed?

In case of high risk reported, further tests are required to confirm chromosomal abnormality as NIPT is a screening test.

How do I incorporate the MedGenome NIPT into my practice?

You can become a provider by filling this form.

How is your test superior to other NIPS tests?

MedGenome NIPT is superior to other NIPS tests because of its:

  • Higher accuracy (99.84%)
  • Wider coverage (Tests for Triploidy)
  • Earlier administration (9 weeks)
  • Validated in India
  • Quicker results (7-10 days)

What is the method of testing used?

SNP-based genetic sequencing.

Is there any financial assistance offered to my patients for payment for this test?


How long will it take to get the results?

7-10 days

Do you provide genetic counseling?

Yes. You can contact our genetic counseling team here.

What happens if a test result is positive?

A positive test result may indicate that the chromosomal abnormality is present. Further tests may be required to confirm the screening.

Has your data been validated?


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