Claria Carrier Screening Test

You can now recommend SNP based
Claria NIPT from as early as
the 9th week of pregnancy

Claria Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)

Claria Carrier Screening Test

You can now recommend SNP based
Claria NIPT from as early as
the 9th week of pregnancy

Claria Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)

Now available in India for the very first time, MedGenome Claria NIPT is an integrated solution of SNP based NIPT (Panorama) along with a highly customised and free genetic counselling service. Claria NIPT empowers you to guide and provide great clarity to your patients from as early as the 9th week of a pregnancy..

About Claria NIPT

Claria NIPT is a highly accurate non-invasive prenatal screening test which can provide you and your expecting patient with much-needed reassurance. The test uses advanced bioinformatics technology to evaluate foetal DNA (of placental origin) in maternal blood.

It uniquely distinguishes between foetal and maternal cell-free DNA in the mothers blood to give your and your patient vital information about the fetus. With a comprehensive panel of clinically significant chromosomal aneuploidies (such as, trisomies 21, 18 and 13, and monosomy X) and microdeletions. To help you manage your patients pregnancy better, Claria NIPT can be safely done from as early as the 9th week of pregnancy.

List of Conditions Tested by Claria NIPT

Trisomy 21

Down syndrome

Trisomy 18

Edward’s syndrome

Trisomy 13

Patau syndrome


Monosomy X

Turner syndrome




Prader Willi syndrome*

Angelman syndrome*

Cri-du-chat syndrome

Claria NIPT now also screens for Twins, Egg Donor and Surrogate Pregnancies

For the first time in India Claria NIPT determines

- Zygosity information
- Individual foetal fractions for dizygotic twins
- Monosomy X risk for monozygotic twins

Reported ConditionsSingletonMonozygotic TwinsDizygotic TwinsEgg Donor and Surrogate
Trisomy 21YesYesYesYes
Trisomy 18YesYesYesYes
Trisomy 13YesYesYesYes
Monosomy XYesYesNoNo
Sex Chromosome Trisomies*YesYesNoNo
22q11.2 delYesYesNoNo
Extended Micro-deletion PanelYesNoNoNo
* Reported when suspected

Increased Number of Doctors in India Recommending Claria NIPT to Expecting Patients

Medgenome Claria NIPT Advantage

The unique molecular biology, bioinformatics and human approach, utilised by Claria NIPT provides greater quality control capability, making it one of a kind solution. Claria NIPT provides:

An absolutely FREE genetic counselling service.

Expert genetic counselling and a knowledge centre to help and guide your patients through the entire testing process

Superior over other NIPT’s

Claria NIPT can be performed from as early as the 9th week of gestation – earlier than any other test.

Offers consistently high levels of detection across all evaluated chromosomes.

Highest levels of sensitivity and lowest levels of false positives even at low foetal fractions

Claria NIPT does NOT perform gender determination.
All samples for Claria NIPT are collected only at certified PCP&NDT certified labs.

Reimbursement on diagnostic testing.

If the patients report comes in as a “HIGH RISK”, MedGenome will offer a complete reimbursement on the further confirmatory test

Medgenome Lab located in India – Unlike most other NIPT solution providers, MedGenome is the only entity to have a state-of-the-art lab in India. The samples do not need to be sent overseas for screening and therefore our response time is 2X faster. It only takes 10 to 15 days for the report and saves valuable time of your patient during the pregnancy.

Amplifies and sequences Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) to differentiate between maternal and foetal genotypes.

This gives Claria NIPT more power when determining the genetic state of the foetus. SNPs contain more information than most regions of the Genome.

Does not require a reference chromosome and is uniquely able to detect triploidy, estimated to occur in about 1:1,500 pregnancies at 10-14 weeks.

Always reports high or low risk for monosomy X, an aneuploidy that is present at mid-trimester more frequently than the autosomal trisomies combined.

Proficiently detects sub-chromosomal copy number variations, such as microdeletions.


MedGenome is a PC & PNDT certified company. We adhere to the Pre-Natal Diagnostics Techniques (Regulation & Prevention of misuse) Act , 1994

MedGenome Claria NIPT does not disclose or test for the sex of the foetus.

Claria NIPT v/s Traditional Tests

With a sensitivity of over 99.84% and a false positive rate of less than 1%, every Claria NIPT report provides a personalized risk score which is far more accurate than traditional screening procedures.

Claria NIPT screens for more chromosomal abnormalities with greater accuracy. Compared to first trimester screenings Claria NIPT has higher sensitivity and low false positive rate for the conditions screened.

Accuracy chartFirst Trimester Screen
(Sensitivity & False Positive Value)
MedGenome NIPT
(Sensitivity & False Positive Value)
Trisomy 21
Down’s Syndrome
Trisomy 18
Edwards Syndrome
Trisomy 13
Patau Syndrome
Monosomy X
Turner Syndrome
Does not screen
Does not screen for
Optional Microdeletion Syndromes
22q 11.2 deletion
DiGeorge Syndrome
Does not screen for
Monosomy X
Turner Syndrome
Does not screen for

Panorama NIPT Vs Traditional Tests

* Additional microdeletions include Angelman, Cri-du-chat, 1p36 deletion & Prader-Willi

Trimester Screening & NIPT
MedGenome Claria NIPTMaternal Serum Screening (MSS)Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)Amniocentesis
11-13 weeks
15-22 weeks
<1% 5%<<% <<1%
No. of Chromo. Conditions Tested>5+ Conditions
Monosomy X
Triploidy, SCA
2-3 Conditions
& sometimes T13
PPV91% for T215%
*The only validated study in India (Wapner and Gross)

Claria NIPT v/s
Other NIPT Offerings

Non Invasive Prenatal Maternal Blood Testing
FeatureCLARIA NIPTOthersSignificance
Fetal Fractionright-1cross-1Huge advantage,
reduces false negatives
ValidationExtensiveVariableHuge advantage,
reduces false negatives
Validation in Indiaright-2cross-2Shows effectiveness
in Indian scenario
PC & PNDT certifiedYesNot knownMandatory in India
LaboratoryBengaluruShipped outsideReduces transit time and
need for redraws
Maternal contributionright-3cross-3Reduces false positives
Vanishing Twinright-4cross-4Reduces false positives,
>15% False positives in others
Triploidyright-5cross-5Severe birth defects risks
to mother, preeclampsia, cancer
Microdeletionright-6cross-6First and only validated study

The Methodology

First, a simple maternal blood draw is done, and special tubes are used for sample collection to protect the cfDNA. Maternal DNA is isolated and identified from her white blood cells using SNP sequencing. This information is utilized to “subtract out” the maternal genotype, resulting in a more robust fetal genotype and thus higher accuracy. After samples are processed, a report is generated containing personalized risk scores for each of the chromosomes evaluated.

Availability Centres

Samples for MedGenome NIPT are only collected at PCP-NDT certified centres.

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Validated Performance
of Panorama NIPT

T21, T18, T13, and MX3
Clinical Outcomes
T21, T18, T13, and MX4 (Aneuploidy Incidence)
High Risk**
Average Risk**

*PPV = Positive Predictive Value
– Dar et al, November 2014
**For the purposes of calculating PPV, high risk was defined as women of or above the age of 35 at the time of delivery, and average risk was defined as women below the age of 35.

Fetal DNA & Maternal Testing
Performance of Panorama NIPT Test

*PPV = Positive Predictive Value
– Dar et al, November 2014
**For the purposes of calculating PPV, high risk was defined as women of or above the age of 35 at the time of delivery, and average risk was defined as women below the age of 35.

Patient Conversation

It can be administered early into the pregnancy, at 9 weeks – earlier than any other prenatal test, which empowers the parents to make informed decisions about the future of their baby.

MedGenome (Available from week 9)
Integrated Screening (Available from week 15)
Serum Integrated Screening (Available from week 15)
Quad Screening (Available from week 15)
First Trimester Screening (Available from week 15)

The international society of PreNatal diagnostics recognises that NIPT can be very useful as a screening test for women. A positive / high risk report must be confirmed by an invasive test.

Medgenome Claria NIPT is backed by 21st century technology and PURE SCIENCE, and does not rely on any traditional methodology which are low on accuracy. It uniquely distinguishes between fetal and maternal cell-free DNA, leading to fewer false positives and a higher accuracy of over 99.84%.

Due to the higher false positive rates in traditional screening tests, many women might have to undergo the invasive tests of Amniocentesis /CVS unnecessarily and which carry a slight risk factor of miscarriage.

Serum Integrated Screening
Quad Screening
Quad Screening

The Claria NIPT screening test provides a more comprehensive basic panel compared to any other screening methods.

In the event of a positive result for any of the patients we will cover the costs for doing an AmnioCentesis test for that patient.

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